About Us

Quality gear for CERT teams and volunteer responders. Mission built and field tested. 

Are you ready to start, upgrade or add equipment to your CERT kit?

At First Class Responder, we are a group of active CERT volunteers, instructors and a program director with over 25 years of combined experience. We love to use, evaluate and show off new CERT gear! We would be honored to offer our assistance. The FCR Team is committed to supplying individual volunteers and CERT programs through a modern, easy-to-use outfitting experience. We are focused on bringing fresh apparel designs and functional gear that can help you deploy better. Or simply show off while recruiting for your CERT program. We believe the CERT brand is not just for deployments or exercises. Rather, we should be proud of our affiliation and contributions to our community.

Serve proudly and do the greatest good.


A CERT responder's original collection of volunteer equipment is a symbol of their commitment to serve the greatest good. CERT volunteers around the world are in want of quality - and let's be honest, good looking - apparel and practical gear. At First Class Responder, we are focused on continuously delivering official and casual CERT outfitting options to our store. Equipment that is not just functional, but field tested by active volunteer responders.

FCR is not a CERT gift shop. Instead, we are a thoughtfully curated catalogue of products that have been personally use in the field. Gear that we stand behind and recommend you consider when upgrading or adding to your equipment.


CERT training is only the foundation of one’s emergency response skill set. We must all be in a perpetual search for additional learning that expands beyond personal responsibility, into true community action and service. At FCR, we will source educational content from subject matter experts and make it available to you, or deliver it to your inbox. Just don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter through our website and like our First Class Responder Facebook page.


Are you thinking of Starting a CERT Program? Is your CERT program having trouble with Member Retention? Or perhaps you want to know what other programs are doing successfully? With our combined decades of experience and vast network, we would be honored to offer you our assistance. The FCR team can provide consultation, training, and launch services. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Never Satisfied

First Class Responder is built on our collective and foundational belief in service. We are all proud to serve. And want all CERT volunteers to feel proud when in their communities and prepared when deployed for operations. We strive to be in tune with our customers' needs. And we are constantly evaluating the market to bring you products that maintain that first class status. Don't see what you need? Let us know and we'll get on it.